How do you pronounce Oktyabrya?

I usually pronounce it awk-TIE-ah-Bry-ah, where the "y" syllables rhyme with "dry." But for a while I pronounced it awk-tya-brya, where the Y's were consonants. That got hard to say, even in my head.


  • Well, the name looks vaguely Russian (as in "Red October"), so my guess would be [Ok-tya-brya]. (Note: I am Czech, and I never studied the Russian language - I narrowly missed it thanks to the Velvet Revolution, and studied English instead.) If I recall correctly, I usually mispronounced it to myself as [Ok-to-bri-ya].
  • I pronounce it to myself in my mind as OK-ti-bri-ya.
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    Yeah I always parse it as Ock-Tya-Bry-Uh with four pretty distinct syllables :')

    -Liza Throttlebottom-
  • ɔːktɪæbrɪæ
  • @"Lazy Cubimal" *blinks owlishly* Lazy, I believe you're speaking in tongues again.
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    Ah. That makes a lot more sense than my conclusion that you'd been possessed. I suppose I won't be needing all this holy water and rock salt. *kicks ancient tome of rites under a convenient sofa*
  • Ouch! *gets out from under the sofa* I didn't say that I wasn't possessed though!
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    *Surreptitiously retrieves tome* *side-eyes Lazy* *slips furtively out of room*
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    Whew. *not possessed by the tome anymore* *goes back to nap under the sofa*
  • In my head, it is Oak-Tee-Ah-Bree-Ah...but even when I know a language, I usually pronounce most words my input should have a very low probability of being correct.
  • All are Correct because all of them had usage! One of the fun bits in Glitch was coming up with pronunciations for many of the odd streets. A lot of people pronounced Cebarkul as "Sparkle". I couln't figure that out but I liked it anyway though I always thought of it as SEE-bar-cool
  • @BribAnnie

    I pronounced Cebarkul as Ce-bruh-kol and I am not sure why I did that since there isn't a U in the name lol.

    As for Oktyabrya I pronounced it as Oct-ta-briah The first y was silent lol.
  • Hmm. For me, it was most certainly "Say-Bark-Cool", and a strange trisyllabic "Ock-T'yah-Br'Yah" that my brain can manage but my tongue cannot.
  • Turns out, I wasn't right. It wasn't vaguely Russian, it was genuinely Russian. It means "of October", as in "October Street". See (and for a dictionary entry).
  • @DiddilyPuff In both cases, that's how I pronounce them. But I generally avoided saying "Oktyabrya" out loud, for fear of pronouncing it incorrectly and making a fool of myself. ;)
  • I always pronounced it "Ockty-Obbra." I didn't know what to do with the 2nd "Y" so I just ignored it. Also, the last syllable is accented: "CebarCOOL."

    I like conversations like this. How do we all feel about "gandlevery?"
  • Oktyabrya is a transliteration of the Russian word for October, so I pronounce it that way: awk-TYA-bra. (it's actually brya but the "y" is softened so much you can barely hear it).

    Gandlevery is "gandle" to rhyme with "candle" and "very" as in... "very".
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    I havent thought about these things... i pronounce cebarkul "seb-arc-ul" and oktyabrya "oc-ti-ah-bra" if that makes sense lol
    I have a hard time writing down words as they sound lol
  • Gandlevery, to me, is Gandle (rhyming with candle) - Ever - Eeee! Ok, maybe not with the enthusiasm of the exclamation point, but hopefully you get the idea.
  • @Justin, if there is a safer place to make a fool of oneself than here the giants haven't imagined it yet. Please, be preposterous.
  • I pronounced Cebarkul "Seb-ar-cul" and Oktyabrya "Ok-ti-uh-br-eye-ah"... lol.
    I always have trouble with "Jethimadh" am I the only one being clueless? lol
  • I tended to swap th first k and t so I'd say "Ot key a bry a" although I'm not dyslexic, I do speed read and don't catch details of unfamiliar words unless I'm trying to say them out loud.

    Jethimadh: I can't help with pronunciation but for spelling someone clued me in that it's like "Jedi math" with the d and th swapped ... And an extra h at the end. So I tended to call it that to myself.
  • As a fluent Russian speaker, I can help you here. The Russian spelling of it is октября, go put it in and click on the "Listen" button. It will read it out for you in lovely Russian.
    Cebarkul is a lake and a town in Russia, Russian spelling Чебаркуль. Same thing, paste it in google translate and listen to pronunciation.
    Hope this helps to solve this ongoing dispute!
  • @fussycat Yay thank you! I thought Oktyabrya might be Russian-derived; had no idea it was an actual word (because it never occurred to me to think about it, because a whole eleven seconds of thought would've noticed the similarity to "October"). Nice to know Cebarkul is also a real word! I tended to pronounce it with an "S" sound instead of the "CH", but otherwise like the Russian word.

    @Morgana_theGreat I learned to pronounce Jethimadh from flask's Last Farewell to Groddle song.
  • Oktyabrya: Awkt-yaw-bree-yuh.. Cebarkul: See-bar-kool.. also
    Llimenskie: Chai-men-skee (Welsh "ll")
  • Awk-tyuh-bree-uh and See-bar-kool. I can't even begin to phonetically spell my pronunciation of Jethimadh.
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    @"Scarlett Bearsdale"
    I also tended to swap sounds, so I sometimes pronounced Cebarkul as [Tser-ba-kul] instead of [Tse-bar-kul].

    Ilmenskie is named after Ilmen, a part of Ural Mountains. (The word itself is an adjective, plural feminine form, as in "Ilmen Mountains".)
  • Ohhhh! Someone created this thread! Interestingly Oktyabrya happens to be my preferred place from the entire Ur! Even my house was all decorated with the Uralia theme!

    I pronounce it as "Ock-Tee-Ah-Bree-Ah" because it sounds comfortable to my ears, I saw some around talking about Cerbakul (which I pronounce just as the name - "Cer-bah-cool").

    Interesting thread to know how do you guys pronounce those crazy names!
  • ock-tee-ah-BRY-ah (bry as in dry).

    I called it SEH-bar-cool until I realized it was like sparkle, then it became "seh-BAR-cool", kinda like a drawn out sparkle.

    Jed-ee-math. Don't ask me to spell it. I can't even copy it down correctly half the time.
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