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This is probably already a thread, but I didn't check *sorry.* But how are the alpha testers chosen. It'd be great to be one as a former Glitchen,
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  • It's been very informal to date, since we've not been prepared to bring large amounts of people into the world yet. For now, people have been picked based on personal recommendations for being good testers, or general forum/social media interaction. If we know your name, we're more likely to think of you. Eventually we'd like to have a contest or two for more spots, since this will be an unreliable method of picking testers the more we try to add. Hopefully we quickly get to a stage where you can enroll for consideration and we'll let you guys in, in chunks.
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    Thanks a bunch @ladyceres :)
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    Oh yeah, just wondering, how many people have actually signed up for the forums; do you know?
  • At this point, 743 have signed up.
  • Wow, interesting insight into the current process, the desired process, and I'm impressed that many have already signed up for the forums.

    I'd recommend that when the team gets to the point of having folks sign up for alpha/beta interest, that you include fields for both current forum name and old Glitch names. While most have kept their same names, I was surprised to see how many chose to log onto here with alternate names. You might recognize their Glitch name, but not their current forum names. That might help to bump them up in the consideration level if you are still looking for folks you recognize from the game.
  • It's so great to know that things are moving along and there might be an official signup for testing. I can't wait to get in the world of Ur once again, I have never been able to find another game that got me hooked like Glitch did!
  • @b3achy we will get there. By 'knowing their name' I meant who we have noticed since Eleven has started. We've had some very dedicated blog and facebook commenters, and there were a few clear top posters on the forum. I recognize so many people by name here and it's heartwarming! It doesn't matter if a person has changed their name since Glitch, though. No one is going to be excluded for being an "unknown". Heck, I was an unknown in Glitch, as were many of the team. So I would encourage others to keep posting, and eventually we will get a signup list out to everyone.
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    @ladyceres I can't wait to get my name on a signup list :) I'm chomping at the bit here! Thanks for responding to our concerns so quickly by the way :P

    ~Liza Throttlebottom~
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