Hello! It's nice to meet you all :)

Two days ago, a friend of mine told me about how she found the forums of a old, closed game called "Glitch" and how it felt weird reading the messages of old players sad about it closing down. I slowly got more and more curious as she talked about it, which resulted in me searching more about the subject. The more I read, the more i got interested, and now I'm here!

Unlike (I assume) everyone else here, I have never played "Glitch" before, and all my knowledge about it comes from reading other player's experiences in the old forum and some youtube videos forgotten by time. When I learned there were projects bringing it back, my immediate thought was to join the community, and as you can see, I did!

I'm sure it'll be very nice meeting everyone here, and I bet none of you were expecting a new player to join when the game isn't even open for everyone yet! >:P

I patiently wait.


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