former Glitch player

How do I get an invite to play, loved Glitch is it the same?


  • Recommend you watch this thread to see when LadyCeres reopens it...(or if she posts a similar new thread).

    She let in a bunch of people about a month ago because they posted to the thread.  At some point in the future, she'll probably let in some more when they decide need more players to stress the system. 

    Eleven is quite like Glitch, with additional alpha glitchiness as the team reconstructs Ur. 
  • that threads been closed:/
  • I will reopen it for a bit this weekend. Today is generally my busiest work day but tomorrow should be low stress, meaning I can spend time enabling game accounts. Now that the most of those folks have settled in, we can look at adding more.
  • Hey LadyC, thanks again for all you and the rest do for us!  I have a friend that wasn’t a Glitchen, but she would like to play. Can she get on the list or are you only letting prior Glitchen in? (Which I get.)Thank you again!
  • I don't think it matters anymore if someone played or not. I have wrestled with that thought a lot. Definitely back in the beginning I wanted to give preference to people who played before for obvious reasons, but we were so much more limited back then too. If she signs up for an account and posts in the thread, I'll enable the account. I have no way of vetting everyone who posts there anyway. 
  • @ladyceres, I think is a great idea to have total noobs in. Even tho everything doesn't work yet seems like fresh perspective might be good.
    Thank you so much, and all the other devs, for what you do.
    stay safe
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