Never have I ever (in Ur):

All these reminiscences are making me wonder-- what did you *not* do in Glitch, that you're looking forward to finally doing in Eleven?

For me: Primed a shrine. Played Game of Crowns. Poisoned a tree. Visited Toxic Moon.



  • Reach the #1 spot on the Travelers Board - Lol! I must have missed a secret or two so maybe I will find them.
  • Never have I ever...

    Visited Purplysa (and several other underground color streets).
    Made piles of cheese under the influence of no-no powder.
  • Never have I ever.... Been able to only make 1 sammich. I have to make many or else I go crazy.
  • Never have I ever... built more than just the base of my street's tower. Maybe this time around I'll have enough supplies and ideas to go and make a tall tower for myself!
  • @DiddlyPuff, I had *just* gotten the building permit for a third floor for mine when the end of the game was announced, and I wasn't able to finish it before the shutdown.
  • participated in a rook attack
  • Never have I ever... visited every available street. It was a valiant effort, but I could tell near the end that I'd never make it, so I instead decided to just go and take a stroll through all of my favorites.
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    Found all the wormholes and hidden locations. A few I even knew about and still couldn't quite find/trigger.
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    Never have I ever... (wow, so much to say!) sniffed No-no, made my own Hooch, built a tower or expanded my house, gotten over level 11, went to a party, or explored all of Ur.
  • Never have I ever... finished that freaking Peat-er Out achievement! I helped *others* finish it a few times, but I never managed to do it for myself.
  • I never got very far with the periodic quests - I usually got 1-3 small rocks and that was it. Not surprisingly, I never completed any of the broken items.

    I didn't visit all the streets of Ur, either.

    I never had the opportunity to welcome a new Glitch to the world of Ur! When I entered the game, somebody immediately greeted me and gave me half a dozen bags and stuff - I got the welcoming branch (or whatever the item was called), but I never got myself to actually find out how it worked. (I did hand out random items to low-level Glitchen I met in the overworld, though.)
  • Reached 10 million favor with Grendaline ; )

    ~Liza Throttlebottom~
  • Looked at leader boards.
  • Petted a heli kitty. I was too sad after the announcement to play much until the very end.
  • Gotten naked. I always spared everyone that sight. xD

    I didn't participate in that feat at all. I also didn't participate in the first incantations feat, because a friend I was close to at the time wasn't able to play for a week at that time, and I wanted to show solidarity with that person.
  • Never have I never.... said goodbye.....
  • visited asslandia :(
  • Never have I built a tower or finished the damn peat quest.
  • @tis and @Tenebrae those are really sad though : ( I never did any of the content from the last three weeks of the game though so I guess that's sad too : P
  • I never made a crystal!
  • o: Never ever? Those poor un smooshed fireflies.
  • I never finished chef or mixology school. Or the damn peat quest.
  • I never upgraded any furniture with my own credits, I always bought my furniture from the auction house
  • Oh my god that peat quest.
  • I never made a crab happy. Ever.
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    The biggest glitch train badge is one of the few things as I didn't get to do and it broke my heart.

    Everyone mentioned bucket lists on global once and I said that was my only wish. Everyone was super nice and surprisingly volunteered and assembled quickly at my street.

    I said nobody would leave until everyone got help with their own requests, (peater out peat or whatever). I would be there for them to the end.

    Then some bossy boots girl hijacked the train. Assigned everyone numbers in turn of when they would be helped, (me being last out of 20). Then she took everyone on a random tour around Ur not achieving anything until people started to forget why they had originally assembled and started partying and being random until I TP'd off the train unnoticed.

    It was a low point for me and so I would like to do that in Eleven. I will likewise help anyone achieve their wishes.
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    Never have I ever gotten the highest jumping achievement. Nor have I successfully smuggled anything.

    I sure as hell tried, though.
  • Okay, there's one more thing I have never done in Glitch: buttered a chicken! (I didn't know it could be done.)
  • Never have I ever won a Game of Crowns. I'm just not good at that game.
  • I somehow always managed to have something else going on when 3/14 came around. Received plenty as gifts, but never actually baked my own pi.
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