Zoom Backgrounds from Glitch/Eleven

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I bring you... Zoom-proportioned snaps! (27 mb file at Dropbox.)

While the >Glitch downloads page has pics that can be used as backgrounds (and I haven't cropped them to zoom proportions), there are plenty of Glitch snaps that would make great backgrounds for video chat. I collected some of those and cropped them to the 16:9 ratio that's recommended. I put them in two folders in a zip file: one set that fits the recommended size of at least 1280x720, and one set that has the right proportions but are smaller. (Because most snaps were 900x600, and some were smaller than that.)

Instead of trying to hide your unmade bed with a couple of strategically-draped towels or letting your coworkers watch your kids run through the back of the room, you can show off your refined taste in firebog decor:

Or you can show where your true home is located:

Some of the snaps are uploaded to Imgur where anyone can grab them, but there are a few more in the zip file. (Like the cubimal dong pic. You can use it with friend chats... or be bold, and use it for work meetings.)

If you're willing to deal with a bit of pixelation on full-screen views, you can use the smaller images. There are a lot of home/tower pics that aren't as tall as recommended, but unless someone is viewing at full screen on a fairly large screen, it's not likely to be noticed.

Two of the smaller pics:

Or you can show off your goth deco:


  • i miss this so much :') thank you
  • this is such a cute idea!  thank you!
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    This is wonderful, thank you so much! 💜

    Edit: do I have to have a Dropbox to use the link? I am getting 404 but I can try another device. 
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