Player House Backgrounds

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Currently the only backgrounds available for houses are groddle, uralia and toxic moon. These are pretty good but I have a few ideas for some other ones.

Ix - Ix is probably my favorite region in the game right now, there could be an east and west Ix theme, and maybe a new outside of house design based on Ixian architecture.

Illmenskie Caverns - A theme like the current uralia one but underground, and a house outside that looks like a cave entrance.

Naraka - Nuff said.

Northern Icy Places - I think having a house in a wintery area would be a cool aesthetic.

Abbasid City Block - Even if eleven never realizes abbasid as a full main world region, it would be cool to have a city block in
abbasid as a background, and have the house entrance be in the style of one of the houses you can find there.

Bog - It would be awesome to have a bog background for the home streets considering there is already a bog house outside.

Just a few random ideas.


  • I agree with this! I think I remember Glitch having more street style options..? I assume it's just a matter of time until we get more.
  • I liked the background with the blue-green mountains and the bonsai trees... I don't remember if that was from a quest or if it was from a planned but not executed expansion. Pretty sure it had been a street style briefly though.
    Autumn Day would be a great background, too.
  • Also, May Soup.
  • ix would be really cool. i also always loved that one where it's a little trailer out in the desert, i think among some toxic waste barrels lol. kind of gave me a breaking bad/fear and loathing in las vegas vibe.

    in general i think we used to have more choices - i always had a uralia street which i liked very much, however it was bright and sunny. the one i have now is very dark and i don't like it as much.
  • Bog background with bog house.  will bog house be getting basement again?

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