Flash ending support in December

"Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Flash will be completely removed from all browsers by December 31, 2020. Companies reliant on Flash for development and playback of content are encouraged to remove the dependency on Adobe Flash prior to December 2020."

Are there plans to switch to HTML5?


  • Is there a plan for an alternate platform once this happens??
  • I did notice a mention of it here. Does CoU use HTML5?
  • If I recall correctly, this is why Eleven and CoU have been in the process of merging.
  • We do have plans to create a web-based client, but as the project is purely made up of volunteers, it will likely take some time before this happens. An important thing to note here is that while Flash would no longer be supported by browsers, other options do exist to create standalone applications for Eleven (e.g. Electron).
  • I don't know anything about this upcoming problem. And I am sure Joey and colleges will handle this expertly like they have been!!
    ( 1 million +  lines of code and only volunteers that have jobs and lives)  we  love you guys and gals for all you have done and all that you will do going forward!!
  • I think making a standalone application for Eleven sounds like the smoothest transition. I don't know much about coding, but rewriting it all in another language sounds lengthy and awkward? I have also never been a huge fan of glitch being in a browser, but I know that was part of the original vision.

    Whatever happens, I'm happy just that Eleven exists <3
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    I also mentioned this some time ago but I don't think it got a response.

    Newgrounds has a launcher which you now play Flash games in. Can we set up something similar or co-opt that?
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