Freebie Jeebies Zombie Edtion!

Okay fellow Children of Ur, For those of you that know me (max_champlin), I ran a route along the streets of a group of awesome players that wanted to help all that they could. The name was the freebie jeebies route. It was based on giving what you could. Members put out a pile of whatever extra they could spare by their street signs. Other players would take from the pile and maybe leave a bit in return if they could.I would really like to get this going again. And yes I know in alpha there isn't a need for it, but I want to get it established beforehand so at launch new players have a helping hand. If you would like to join in, please post your interest below. I'll be posting more about it and how it will work as more people sign up. Thanks for reading and hope to see you all soon.


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    Yes! And I helped manage it! I am currently in the world while sadly Max is not so at the moment my home street is the first home on the route! Feel free to message us to be added to the route! If you are in game, my note pole is up and my Freebie Jeebie pile is active! Happy glitching!! ❤
  • It's kinda going now.  The Construction Crew Guild collects material and helps people. The Guild Hall is Ser Wampus's tower. Check our notes on GG.  Come to the Guild Hall and check in with Human Resources to see what we need. 
  • OH YEAH, Don't forget to check in to the UnivURsity of Bortola!! They are an excellent research facility in UR.  Stop by coolbetty's tower to sign up for the entrance exam!
  • This just makes me more excited to get in!  I remember the freebie jeebies route!  I'm not in yet, but good luck!
  • Freebie Jeebies is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of Glitches who are giving (and getting) stuff for FREE in their own streets! It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of the hands of the Rook or the trash heap!  Please do not loot others, that is not what this is for! Please join us! We need your help!
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