Hawkwellhead Cottage

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I just discovered that a property named Hawkwellhead Cottage has recently sold only a few miles from my home. The name Hawkwellhead implies that it probably sits at the top of very minor stream that would have been named Hawkwell Sike. From the estate agents photos this is pretty clearly a fixer-upper type of home!


The asking price was £150,000 - that's a bit over $192,000.


  • I'll say, it's a fixer upper! I see there are renovation proposals, but it seems like it would take a lot of investment to make that sound. Of course, what do I know about stone construction - I live in earthquake country.
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    It will probably cost more to renovate the structure than it would to build new using modern methods: cement block walls and foam insulation with an exterior stone veneer and interior plaster walls. What one would be paying the £150k for is mostly the location (a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), the two acres of land, and the all-important permission to build which would be very difficult to obtain for land that did not have a previous or existing structure. England is very picky about not allowing its countryside to be overrun with modern homes.
  • I live in a part of the world where there is very little respect for anything that isn't young. I can't tell you how many times I've seen glorious older buildings razed in order to make way for contemporary atrocities. Don't get me wrong - I love good contemporary architecture, and sadly it's the "good" part of that phrase that's so often missing. 
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