Follow the leader


  • edited October 2019
    I got 5 characters and 150 moves after a few tries... Can't figure out how to do better lol

    But thanks for the little game it's fun, will try and improve :D

  • that was cute!
  • Potian dragoon, I think I need to make the game better!  (If a later/lower-level character is following an earlier character, no amount of jostling will ever touch that earlier character, so there's a really limited amount of strategy to be applied.)
  • Yeah the randomness is the killer... My suggestion for a fix would be to allow Glitchen to merge if they are adjacent to each other too, have that merge apply to the Glitchen closest to the front of the queue and have everyone else move up towards the front to fill in the empty gap - This would mean that you could play strategically, with out losing the randomness. 

    Would probably be a hell of a lot of work to actually do it though.
  • Cute game...I got 5 friends and 149 moves before it wouldn't give me any more move options. Thanks!
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