Subway/Stubway Expansion

The original Glitch subway was created when the world was much smaller. All of the stations are clustered together in adjoining (or nearly adjoining) Locations to facilitate ease of getting around for Glitchen who had not yet achieved full teleportation skills. But now with the much expanded world those locations with subway service are in one part of the world with a significantly larger part totally unserved. It would be really nice if eventually the system could be expanded to give access, not necessarily to every location, but to a nice spread of locations throughout the world. It gets discouraging for a not-yet-fully-teleporting glitchen to have to trundle over great distances to get to the further parts of the world.


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    I'm pretty sure there was discussion of expanding the subway service back in Glitch but it's not something we can make a priority right now, or for quite a while. There's the Dinos, there's wormholes, and there are teleport points on the doll to make life easier. You can also use the doll to speed up your teleportation skills.

    The doll is our Tool To Make Life Easier In The Alpha, and I will not tolerate hearing it called "cheating". Use it. Make life easier. 
  • @ladyceres I was, of course, not suggesting anything soooon - just posting an idea in the ideas thread. And I should have been clearer that the last sentence of my post does not apply to me. Rather, I'm thinking about when the game goes alpha or release some time in the future and there are lots of brand new players with no tester doll and no knowledge of the various somewhat hidden ways to get to more distant places. At that point I would hope that a subway map would show the stops spread much more evenly across the entire world.

    Also in response to your last paragraph, it is true that I am currently play the "slow" way, taking some, but not a lot of, advantage of the doll and of your home street goodies. But this is in no way because I consider there being anything wrong with getting quickly through the early stages, rather, coming back to Ur after 7 years of exile I want to relive the whole experience. I'm loving every moment of my return. If/when the world next resets I will no doubt want to quickly get back to where I might have been at that time, but for now I feel absolutely no need to hurry.
  • i specifically loved how the subways only served the central regions. it makes the whole thing feel place-ier. i LIKE the difficulty of walking to the outlying areas while i learn to teleport.

    i'm still looking for where anyone called using the doll cheating. what if i don't want to make things easier? what if i want to replicate what i loved about glitch, which was waling places and having to learn things in order to progress?

    btw IRL i enjoy starting fires with a flint and steel and am learning to use a bowdrill.  i don't consider it cheating to use a a lighter. i just LIKE doing things the hard way.
  • I've definitely seen it called "cheating" in global, but usually it seems to be in an affectionate, teasing sort of way. I understand that, because it felt like it was to me at first (despite logically knowing it's not at all!). It's not hard for me to feel guilty about things, whether I should or not. lol

    I don't feel that way about it much anymore; any time I would get that niggling thought, I'd just remind myself it's a tool, and we're meant to test at all different levels and paces. I love the term 'Tool To Make Life Easier In The Alpha' and will use that now, if any remnants of that feeling kick in. I kind of like the balance I have this time around between using it and doing things on my own.

    Point being, it's fine to do it however you want! I'm not sure anyone here would argue that you should use it regularly or not use it at all. Maybe a person wants to do one reset where they take it slow (a lot of people tend to do this the first one), and maybe the next reset they'll want to go fast; then in another, find somewhere between. We may not find a bug one way, but find one another.
  • Historically it has been called cheating, and not always in an affectionate way. People are welcome to play however they want as long as they're not making people feel bad for how they want to play. The Alpha is not fully playable without the doll, so regardless of how you use it, it is not cheating ever.
  • Got it! I must have missed it when it was not used in that manner. It is definitely not cool to make people feel bad about how they choose to play.
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