Alpha-to-be name change request thread

This has come up a few times since the announcement, so let's have an official thread. 

If you want your game name to be changed, it is FAR EASIER to do so before you get Alpha access. 

If you signed up to the list with a different name than is your account name, this also gets confusing...did you forget? did you want it changed? There have been several people filling out the multiple times with the same email and two different names. This post won't reach everyone, but I'm willing to try to nip some of this confusion in the bud before I get to adding you. Because it is an honest-to-Tii ballache to change a user's name after they have an account right now. (Part of the necessary code to do this was embedded in the Glitch webapp, which was not released with the rest of the assets.) 

Copy/paste the following template into your post:

Current Name: 
New Name:
Update my application entry: Y/N (delete as appropriate)


  • Thanks for this, much better in a separate thread!

    Current Name: Cirzen
    New Name: Houblon
    Update my application entry: No - already filled with new name
  • Ok, yours is done! You might need to relog into the forum for it to pick up the change over here.

    Going forward I probably won't respond to everyone, but the old/new name in your post should help confirm for me that things have changed. We'll see how it goes. If I can get the post reactions working again, I will probably just "like" the post to confirm I've done the thing.
  • I'm fine with this name - but I was just curious how that worked because I didn't know if it would be the name as it appears here or if it was our "original" name or if we had to re-create one when/if we get an invite (still waiting lol)
  • It's the name that appears here. There was no way we'd have been able to get our hands on Tiny Speck's account data (massive privacy violations), so we're starting over from complete scratch. So whatever name you sign up with here is the name you'd get when you're given game access. It doesn't matter what you used to be called or if you want to stay that name or not. Clean slate...follow your bliss. 
  • Current Name: implet
    New Name: Implet  (same name bit with a capital I)
    Update my application entry: Y (I submitted an entry a few weeks ago, not sure whether I capitalized it on the form or not) 

  • Current Name: hypertwitchy
    New Name: israfil
    Update my application entry: Y

    thank you. 
  • Current Name: Kronos
    New Name: OMG BACON!!
    Update: N, used OMG BACON!! in application

    Thanks a ton!
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    @Kronos - you already have an Alpha account though...
  • @ladyceres Sorry, was told yesterday in-game to post here. Feel free to point me to another thread if this is more appropriate, but could I create a new account somehow? (Just not sure how to go about getting another access link)
  • Yes, @ladyceres, please help if possible It's just not Ur without OMG BACON!! running loose!
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    hey not to revive this ancient thread but could i get a name change on the off chance I ever get into the alpha
    Current Name: terezipyrope
    New Name: pyropyrope
    Update my application entry: N
  • You should be all set once you re-log into the forum.
  • As long as spaces are ok, i'm good with my current username, glad this is an option though :)
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