Tell your Glitch/Eleven Story

Hi all! I thought it might be nice to tell our Glitch/Eleven Giants stories as we wait and chat and get to (re)know each other. So, what's your story? How did you find out about and first start playing Glitch? Why did you love it so? What did you learn? How has it impacted your life? With what intentions are you playing/joining Eleven?


  • I'll start! My first introduction to Glitch was at age 24, when my partner showed me the game trailer. I applied immediately and then spent the next week obsessively checking my email. I fell immediately and deeply in love, and in short order had all of my friends playing, and my mom. I played Glitch when I just started teaching, and it was a nice way to connect with folks when I was exhausted and swamped with work.

    In late 2011 I went through a really tough depressive period and logging on to Glitch was one of the things I still enjoyed doing. It was the right combination of gentle, kind, and affirming. My Glitchen community was always there, both real life friends and those I never met in real life. I've since searched for that same community feeling in a game and haven't found it.

    I'll be joining Eleven in a much better place than I was 8 years ago, thankfully. I'm excited to build community again, and hopefully give back to others some of the support I received from my Glitchen friends back in the day.

  • If I remember correctly, I had just had another game I played announce it's shut down when I found Glitch. (It happens to me a lot). But I wasn't really that bothered about it in this case, because Glitch quickly got me hooked. I love crafting in games so I crafted a lot.... I also got involved in as many parties, projects and pot worshipping events as possible... Because why not?

    I don't think it really impacted my life much to be honest, it was just a game and a place to meet new people and hang with friends, it was when it was over and all of that was taken away that it really had an impact, because I have never been able to find anything else like it since.

    I'm still waiting to get in to Eleven, I have no plans yet, to be honest, I think I am just going to wait and see what happens when I get there! But hopefully, I will see you all there soon :)
  • I found Glitch when my son was very little. It was a wonderful escape for a young mom and I would fully immerse myself in the world while my son took his naps. I loved all the worlds and the music was so wonderful and relaxing (most of it, lol). I kept my house in the Firebogs so I could collect materials for the things I was crafting and explored all the beautiful scenery away from "home." I can't wait to see the Enchanted Woods, Ix, and Ilmenskie Caverns again!
  • I found it when my mum played it was interesting

    But I couldn't play it at that time because I had no computer

  • @Chikooeep That sounds so lovely. Throughout my daughter's babyhood (she's 2 now), I wished I had Glitch to log on to during naps!
  • I honestly have no idea where I heard about Glitch - I had totally forgotten even signing up by the time I got an invite. So that will forever be a mystery.

    It was easy to fall in love with though - from the sense of humor throughout to the people who were always friendly and willing to help, and the world with so much to explore.

    Not sure about too many specific intentions for Eleven yet, just the feeling of wonder, exploring, and maybe a bit of decorating.
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    I played Glitch from beta and can't remember how I found it, but was instantly hooked. I had one close irl friend join me, and we spent many hours together playing in person and across the ocean while I was in college far away from home. It was one of the best ways we kept in touch and we had so many fun Glitchy moments. She gifted me a Piggy irl that still sleeps in my bed (his name is Oink).

    My favourite part of Glitch was the sense of community. I loved the parties, the random events, the kind hearted people, and that's what I miss most and hope that we can recreate. I was pretty lonely in real life, and my friends in the game gave me so much joy. I visited the UK with my family one summer while playing and met up with one of my Glitch friends while I was there, and it was truly lovely. @nubbins I too was pretty depressed for a large part of the time I played, and I feel you on how affirming it felt to be here.

    I've been pretty emotional wandering the streets here in Eleven. I am so grateful that this world still exists. My partner is playing for the first time (I've been talking about it for years and I'm glad he's getting to see this world I talked about for so many years) and I'm enjoying watching him explore too.

    P.S. I was Sharmy Knope if anyone remembers me :)
  • @Mishtypoo ❤❤❤❤
  • I don't really remember where or how Crunchy and I found Glitch, but we were hooked from day one. (possibly via Twitter?) Crunchy even stopped playing Terreria to play Glitch!!

    We both mourned the closing of the one truly GOOD game we had both enjoyed.

    I loved the fact you could gather resources and create things in a sustainable manner and the quirky humour drew me in. Loved the overall LOOK, the music and intelligence behind the NPC chats.

    Doing quests and getting achievements at odd times kept me interested, and the helpful chats and comradery of the players was totally different to other online communities we have been in.

    Building and decorating my little house...

    ..oh, .so much to rediscover once we get back in:))
  • I only got to play Glitch for about a year, during my senior year of high school. I don't remember how I found it, but it was such a wonderful thing to be able to log on and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and kind community when I was going through such an awful time of my life, having just moved states and left all my friends behind (it's hard to make friends as a new student, especially if you're a senior). After it shut down I got the Art of Glitch book and the soundtrack and I still annoy everyone around me with them lol (I just want to be able to share the feeling I got from Glitch). I even sewed together a little doll of my avatar and it's sitting on my shelf next to the book! I really hope with Eleven I can share the experience with my younger siblings eventually because I wasn't able to with Glitch.
  • Like others have mentioned, I have no idea how I heard about Glitch. I was playing Rift at the time with a pretty hardcore raiding guild and I was SO burned out. Glitch hooked me instantly with its whimsy and humor, but what kept me coming back was the community. What a community it was! Everyone was so friendly and generous. I never felt alone, even if I just wanted to wander streets for a while. When the game was shut down, I was heartbroken and have never found a game that could replace it. I'm so thrilled to be playing in the Alpha and getting to come back home to Ur! Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to bring this beautiful game back to us. 
  • I stumbled across Glitch when a game I loved called FaunaSphere shut down and I was looking for a new online home. I can't remember exactly how I found it, but I think it was in beta at the time? I was immediately hooked by the quirky awesomeness and crazy creativity of the game and its great community. It was essentially the only game I played, and although I was taking a break from Glitch at the time it closed, I've really missed it and haven't been able to find anything else I enjoy playing. I'm absolutely thrilled to know I might get to explore this awesome world again soon! Thank you so much to everyone who's making this possible!!
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    I'm pretty sure I was 15 when I first played I'm in my 20's now! It was the first game that didn't get repetitive for me,
    It was such a welcoming and wonderful game and it's charm never faded, I'm sure everyone agrees.
    I remember playing for hours, I'm sure I'll get addicted again~ (Cannot wait)

    I also loved brewing way too much hooch, I remember just having bags & bags of hooch!

  • My friend and housemate Clarence introduced me to Glitch, when I was in my 30s, in like 2010/2011, and working for a big international footwear company.  I was terribly mistaken about myself in a great many ways back then, and started the game as Carl Projectorinski, basically playing the best boy I possibly could.  I was pretty proud of my efforts, in fact.

    If you ever got a bag of flaming poo on your doorstep, it was probably from me.  Near the end of the game's run, I made as many of them as I could and spread them around liberally and methodically, with the help of Kastlin.  I do believe Veluptua Sneezelips was my very first victim, though.

    But then, for a lark, I thought I'd dress Carl up as Carla and had feels, and started my Cephalophoria account to explore that.  And that was the first time in my life I've experienced gender euphoria.  Not from dressing appropriately or anything in real life, but from playing this wonderful 2D game.  That was in 2012, and I didn't actually come out to myself until 2014 after a long series of nearly deadly episodes of depression.  But playing Carla and Cephalophoria in Glitch definitely got the ball rolling toward that self acceptance.

    I'd been experiencing dysphoria and that growing depression my whole life, ever since I can remember, I just couldn't admit to myself what it was.  Playing a largely anonymous game with free expression with characters of NO gender at all (except what you painted on as expression through clothes and features) allowed me to distance myself from the embarrassment of seeing my own body in clothes that didn't really fit right and feeling the shame of it.  Also, the community felt extremely safe and accepting.

    A large number of my friends list on Facebook today are old Glitchen friends, still.

    I'm 44 now.  I've been out as myself for nearly 5 years. 

    Carl and Cephalophoria (as humans, sort of) are part of a webcomic/graphic novel I'm working on trying to finish (it's been on hiatus for a while, but I just figured out how to fix a big problem with the story today, so I can probably get started on it again soon), called "the Epic of Sally Robertson".  Carl's still a goatfish in the comic, but a boy who was stolen as a child by the Fomorians and turned into a goatfish, and only partially turned back by Sally's (Cephalophoria's) parents when they rescued him.
  • Welcome, Cephalophoria! I remember Carl very well and I'm so glad you shared your story.  
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    I found out about glitch when I was 11/12, after the shutdown of Faunasphere a lot of the players there moved to Glitch.
    Glitch was a lot of fun, as a kid I had no idea what I was doing but I loved how vast the game was, at that time I was oblivious and didn't realise the game was shutting down until close to the shutdown date. 
    I'm really glad Glitch is being revived, it is a game that had a big impact on me as a kid and I'd love to share it with my friends now! Thank you for your hard work and I hope to see everyone when the giants wake up again!
  • happy to see more trans glitchen, thanks for sharing your story cephalophoria!

    I have a friend who played since beta when we were both in highschool, and I joined up shortly after it came out of beta. I fell pretty immediately in love, exploring every single location and reveling in the quirky weirdness of the game and how kind the community was. I used to work for hours making awesome stews to give away, and my glitchen was a huge booze collector, I had stacks upon stacks lining my tower shelves at closing time. I used to adore cooking and crafting, I made food to give away all the time (classic Potian, amrite?) If you happened to find a trail of rainbow spices up the long staircase of the giant building/museum in the bog, that was my doing! :p 

    I miss glitch terribly, it really felt like my home MMO and nothing has felt as comfortable or kind since. I'm hoping to let my old glitchen rest and make a new avatar instead, find some new things to collect, and continue making copious amounts of the best foods in the game to give away
  • I also forget where I heard about Glitch, but I was instantly hooked.  The art/music/community was fantastic.  I was in a pretty rough period of my life and Glitch was a nice way to unwind after a long day of work.  It was also the first time I'd really gotten into a game community again since CyanChat (Myst/Riven) died years ago (yes, I'm old xD).  Glitch closing was a huge bummer, but I'm so thankful there are talented Glitchen out there who want to keep this beautiful game alive.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait to hang out with everyone again!!
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    I don't really have a "story", I joined Glitch with my friends near the end of its lifespan. I can't remember it so well since it was short lived, but I remember logging in everyday to get dailies and feed the piggies. I loved the customization and music. Making my own little home area and hanging out with my pals~ If the creators somehow brought it back, even if it was a single player mobile, I'd totally get it! At least they kept all the wiki info so I can view my memories!
    My last snap in November. "Goobye Mr. Moon"
  • I can't quite remember how I got into Glitch, but I loved how there wasn't really anything quite like it online. I loved being in this quirky, kind of fantasy social world where I could have my own space, and kinda just live my own glitchen life. I remember enjoying all the various activities like cooking and crafting hooch. I was just getting to building my own house when the game started shutting down! Real shame, but can't wait for it to come back, however long that may be.
  • I was a kiddo when Glitch came out - 12 years old! My father introduced it to me, and he thought it would be a neat thing for us to do together. So I played it through my formative years of 12-14. I recall things like being legitimately scared of the Rook, feeling worried when I went into seemingly restricted sections of Jethimadh tower, and oh boy, being scandalized when the warning for "gore" popped up in Mada Tamaha (am... am I allowed to be seeing this? oh, it's tomatoes...)

    Looking at it now, what a profound impact Glitch had on the adult I'd become. I believe the sense of wonder I have for daily life sometimes, as well as some of my silliness, comes from this little game. And my creative projects are super informed by the sheer love and dedication that went into Glitch. Maybe the best part of all this is, having played it as a kid while my brain was still all goopy, many of the memories I have from the game are stored as things that really happened. I know I never saw Giants, and that my little home in Muufo wasn't real, but the way my kid brain stored that stuff says otherwise, which is pretty magical :) 
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