Hi, what was that quote at the start of the game?

I'm sorry if this is not where I'm suppose to post this!
(sorry for asking)
I just wanted to ask because I've been wondering for years.

Whenever you first logged into Glitch, I remember there was a prologue into the game where I think there was a narrator writing things in text.
Just before the prologue ends there's a really simple quote, something along the lines of all games end because if they didn't they wouldn't be games?
What was that quote exactly?~

Thank you!~


  • Is it something along the lines of "Glitch is a game of possibilities" and ends with "you can't lose"? That's the one that really stuck with me. I can check the tutorial for other text, but I'm not sure if we have all the iterations the tutorial went through.
  • Was it "Glitch is a game of possibilites. You can't lose"?
  • It might have been something related to finite and infinite games, if my (somewhat foggy) memory of the Glitch tutorial is accurate. I could probably look in my old Glitch alpha/beta screenshots and see if I can find anything like that.
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    @Salticidae Maybe this, but it wasn't every login, it was the tutorial, which somehow I got snuck into. It's a quote from the book, Finite and Infinite Games.
  • Thank you everyone for replying!
    I believe that's what I was looking for @snarkle

    I don't know why it stuck with me but I guess it did-
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