Name change options?

Hi all!

Does anyone know if there's a way to change one's name on the forums? I was nubbins in game ::waves to old friends who may be around:: and don't remember why I changed the name when I signed up here, whenever that was. I put GraceOMalley as the name on my alphateer application to make sure it got linked to here, but the more I think about it, the more I miss being nubbins. Any thoughts/helps/suggestions?

See you all soon!


  • You should be able to change your name by editing your profile. I will make the change on the alpha list so there's no confusion later...let me know if you have problems changing the name, or I'll change it for you here as well.
  • Oh my gosh, thanks! I haven't been able to edit my profile here - I have the option for notification preferences, but nothing else I can find. If you wouldn't mind, I would be so so appreciative!
  • You're the actual best! I signed out and back in, but I'm still seeing grace here? It looks like I can only change email and password on my own.

  • It was definitely nubbins when I went to bed. Let me check something....
  • Ok, I think I made the rookie mistake of only changing your name on the forum, and not the name our webapp was holding on to. It should stick this time. If not, we'll have to arrange something where you're thoroughly logged out while I make the change.
  • The return of nubbins!

    ::bounces excitedly::

    Thank you, from the bottom of my glitchen heart.

  • Welcome back nubbins!

    @ladyceres Is it possible to change mine to have spaces? Little Miss Giggles instead of LittleMissGiggles? I used to be in Glitch with the spaces, but when I created my account here, I forgot I could use them. When I looked into it after I first joined Alpha, the only option was to create a new account, I think.
  • It's less straightforward once you already have an alpha account. I've been looking into it because I screwed up another Alpha's name change, but if it's too intensive I can't do it just yet.
  • That's fine! I wasn't sure if it was something that was still difficult or if something had changed since then. :) Thanks for the response!
  • Yeah, it'll get easier, but right now it's just not. Hopefully we'll be able to rebuild the same function as in Glitch though!
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