If you are a new Alpha Tester and you can't see the Alpha Specific Forum

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If you got an invite to be a new alpha tester and can't see/read the alpha specific forums you need to RE-LOGIN.


Then after entering your password check "remember me":


If you are having a problem use this link to log in: https://forum.elevengiants.com/sso

You must be logged in correctly to get the information you need or to get help. You also must use the forums to report bugs, as the in game bug reporting is broken.


  • My issue is not being able to access the game itself. This is what I see when I log in:

    Welcome to the Eleven Alpha site!
    The forums are open to discussions.

    Alpha access to the game is currently invite-only. Please keep your eyes on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for future opportunities.

    Not sure what to do from here.
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    @Gwynmara, you are not an alpha tester yet. Register at https://forum.elevengiants.com/discussion/1136/sign-up-here/p1 and then wait patiently. :)
    If you had already registered there (on the alpha list), then you wait.
  • I just got an alpha invite in my email, I followed the instructions in this thread, and still do not seem to have access..... Am excited though. Merry Glitchmas!
  • Got it figured out! Apparently that was my doppelganger up there and this is the actual me.
  • How's the project going? I signed up a while ago but life gets in the way of everything so I'm only now checking in. I hope everyone is well in these tough times.
  • Can I please play? my character was Byght Mei!
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