Street availability suggestion

I was chatting with some of the other Glitchen on global earlier and I mentioned that the population online just isn't enough to maintain a healthy "ecosystem." Trees and piggies were dying because there weren't enough Glitchen around.

Well, here's what I went down:

Sep 10 11:05:45AM You also... we have a lot of croaked piggies
Sep 10 11:10:04AM MissBehavin' They don't live long :(
Sep 10 11:10:27AM You we lack a critical glitchen population to feed them
Sep 10 11:10:57AM MissBehavin' Even with feeder on home streets :(
Sep 10 11:11:07AM You Actually I was thinking of proposing the release should start with the core areas first
Sep 10 11:11:16AM You Groddle, Ix, Uralia
Sep 10 11:11:34AM You maybe Ilmenskie and Jethimadh
Sep 10 11:11:36AM ava I like that idea
Sep 10 11:12:03AM You Just so we have a viable population
Sep 10 11:12:23AM MissBehavin' Callopee!!!
Sep 10 11:13:07AM Qwerty Op LOL I'm in Shim Shiri and I cant remember how to get out X'D
Sep 10 11:13:07AM You Well, what the core would be is up to those developing, but my suggestion is not to activate everything at once. Too big
Sep 10 11:13:47AM MissBehavin' The hot tub room?
Sep 10 11:13:57AM Qwerty Op the butts!
Sep 10 11:14:02AM MissBehavin' Ohhhh LOL
Sep 10 11:14:06AM MissBehavin' Asslandia
Sep 10 11:14:16AM You Or... you can release all of them, but have some streets under repair
Sep 10 11:14:55AM You Which could make for good community projects
Sep 10 11:15:05AM Qwerty Op I agree, Mal
Sep 10 11:15:13AM ava I think the core areas you listed are what most people remember fully about the game
Sep 10 11:15:28AM You They were the Beta areas IIRC
Sep 10 11:15:52AM ava ooo makes sense


  • You will have enough population, I suppose, once the entirety of registrants is processed. There were about 89 at the last time I counted (September 3rd or so) and probably there are closer to 100 now. IIRC, last time alphateer numbers were released, the count also was at 100 or so. So it's double :)
  • @Arthur13, I'm not sure where you're getting those numbers. In my blog post a couple of months ago I believe I said there were over 250, and the number is way higher now. However, not everyone logs in, and some people who were given access have never logged in, so it's more a question of how many people actively play in ways that are nurturing the world.

    In the meantime, yes, the low world population is what causes the trees to die. Piggies are actually broken at the moment, but will be fixed on the next server release, as Joey has finally figured out why they were dying.
  • @ladyceres, aah, thank you :D. I remembered the "number of alphateers" from somewhere. Recently, I binge read many of the old blog posts, and as such I got confused over the number, then.
    If some people haven't logged in ever since they were given access, then yes, I think that it's a question of activity.
  • edited September 2019
    The suggestion can also be expanded to allow for streets that have been neglected, i.e. dead trees, no animals, etc., to become "broken" and need to be repaired by Glitchen. This will allow for street projects to be an ongoing concern instead of special events.


    You can also link Rook attacks, once implemented, to have neglected streets as triggers, which will cause them to become broken if undefended.
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