Hope this question haven’t been asked before....Will I be able to play “Eleven giants” on my iPad ?


  • @Janbella , I've tested playing Eleven on my iPad a bit and iPhone a very little with varying degrees of success.

    I installed the Puffin browser to be able to use Flash on the iPad. But since Puffin didn't support a tethered keyboard, I had difficulty using the in-browser controls to jump successfully. It works fine for walking around, chatting and other simple functions.

    The iPhone is quite restricted due to it's lack of screen acreage but still works in a pinch to chat abit or access some skill learning and similar.

    Bad news is that the free version of Puffin browser is set to stop working Oct 1, 2019 and the paid version will last a little bit longer. Other Flash solutions are available but I haven't tried any. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the info Plez, ...if ever i’m Lucky to play Alpha...I shall have to buy a new laptop...my old one had it.😩
  • I use Photon on iPhone to use Flash and get into eleven. It's kinda hard to play on an iPhone but ya can check the forums and stuff
  • Oh! Janbella! I have had to replace the laptop keyboard twice from playing/testing this damn game!! But I love it!!
  • I used to start skills by using the puffin browser on my ipad so thanks for the info about Photon ser wampus
  • I've been using Puffin on the iPhone for quite a while now, and it's been pretty good. Especially helpful when not in fullscreen mode and can zoom in on a task (like gardening). I'm sad that it's going away in a month, though.
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