Is this true?

I heard that new streets are being constructed out of recycled Helikitty Litter. Are the rumors true? What unfounded rumors are you hearing from the voices in your head?


  • I also heard that with COU combining forces with Eleven that the name of the game is changing to Twelve and they are adding Totoro as the twelfth Giant. Is this true?
  • Someone recently mentioned that the Rube has his own YouTube channel featuring a 28-episode series where Rube makes up lyrics and sings Karaoke to Music Blocks. Is this true?
  • I heard on the street that cubimals have been outlawed in Ix due to an unfortunate incident involving mass teleportation and no-no powder. Is this true?
  • Omg, I wish I could Lobe this!
  • @caiyot yes I heard a vague unsubstantiated rumor that the incident resulting in cubi-criminality it's 109% truish!

    I also heard that JuJu Grandma & Maintenance Bot M-64 are an item and are expecting a new addition to the family in October. Is this true?
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