When Two Become One

Just read the post on FB concerning CoU and Eleven.. It sounds Great! I have been hoping this union would come together at sometime. Maybe this union will expedite going live sooner. It has been a few years but I am still eagerly awaiting the "birth announcement" I have More than my fingers crossed.


  • This is great news! Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to come back home...soon. There is a backlog of eggs that need seasoning.

  • Hooh wow, I can't wait! wonderful news to wake up to!
  • @ Joe Blow, yes yes , I *waits* too, longing for you to join me.

    also @ DEVS

    Not sure why but when I try to lobe a post I get this message


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    not sure what that all means unless it has something to do with me being in the UK?
  • No that's just some forum gremlins we have not yet worked out since we updated the webapp. We've got people on it...one of the CoU folks, in fact! They are amazeballs. We're all so excited about this merger. :)
  • Yes Can't wait to play here, been playing on COU for ages but have always wanted to play here, so I'm hoping to get into testing here :)
  • Finally enough news to get excited about progress. I notice in the announcement they are trying to "merge" the name of the game to honor the name Eleven and Children of Ur. What if we help by suggesting names? I thought of Eleven from Ur..but it seems to bland.
  • Maybe they will need more tester.. I hope so. I have been playing a little game it is a good community but it has combat. No PvP . You fight with "imaginary animals". It is a poor substitution for Glitch.
  • The name of the game is not changing. The name of our team might. But we have a plan to incorporate CoU's colors into our logo that we're testing out.
  • This is so exciting- I've missed you all. It's been a while. <3 lobe.
  • hi hi hi ...im still here...been sitting in this box for 3 yrsss....tis freezin oot here :(
  • the progress should be speeding up now so you should get in soon
  • Will be great to have the opportunity to get back into Ur again! Wishing everyone well on the merger!
  • looking forward to playing again, every time i log in to CoU it doesn't move past the loading game / spinning Ur screen.
  • Just scrolling around here in the forums after reading about the merger on FB and then reading some of the blog posts etc....It’s kinda neat poking around in different threads and recognizing names from when I played Glitch :) I check very infrequently to see if anything has opened up to the wider world of quieter Glitchen who would like to go back.....sooooooooooon, I hope!

  • lemme in lemme in lemme in..lol
  • Are you guys gonna incorporate weather? That was a pretty neat idea.
  • so exciting! thank you all for the hard work done already and for all the work ahead. thank you elevengiants for making me look forward to the future. thank you to COU for giving me a taste of home when i needed it so badly. mad glitchy lobe to you all! high five star!
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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