Opening up beta sooner

I was one of the original Beta players on Glitch. I know you are working as hard as you possibly can to get the game done and out the door. The thing is I would like (I am sure a lot of other people also do) is to get more info/videos or a rough idea of when beta will come out.

One suggestion of what could be done is (similar to what Glitch did) to release the game in increments or have a basic version of the game where people could get a basic view of the game play. This will also help liven the community.

Is there any way we (as a community) can help?


  • Curious about this as well...
  • I've offered to throw money at them, but they said that they just need help with the programming itself. I know nothing about programming so I don't recall the specifics, but if you/anyone has experience with programming web/browser games (which I assume is in Java) then they'll want you. (granted they also said this like 2 years ago lol)
  • Yeah!! Do it! I don't program but I bet a lot of ya do!!
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