Are we close to open beta?

Are we still in alpha phase or closed beta yet?


  • I'd like to know as well. I've been really missing Ur lately!
  • We are still in Alpha
  • Is the team working on it still? There's been no updates for so long... I just can't wait to play it :)
  • I agree...I've been a grateful alphateer since October, but I'd still like to know that progress is being made, and that the project is still going somewhere. An occasional blog post or forum post would be encouraging to many.
  • Open Beta would be nice.
  • The team (which I'm not speaking for in any official capacity here) is still making progress. It's not fast progress, and it's nobody's full-time job, but the Alpha just had a world reset with some new back-end reliability work that we're cautiously hopefully will cut down on the support load a lot.
  • Would more hands on deck help? I decided not to go back to work after maternity leave so I have some time to dedicate to a technical project. I have experience in various scripting languages (Python, php, javascript, bash), SQL, and data analysis.
  • We can only dream *sniff*
  • implet I am sure the team would love the help (I am not a member of the team)
  • I'm sure if you contact them directly (DM them on Twitter, possibly email them if you can find it) they'll get back to you faster than on a thread @implet ! It's so sweet of you to offer help.
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