Quest question

I have only one Quest left to do...its Notice the Unnoticeable Quest...I only need one more Faded Heart. Are there certain streets that these hearts on? Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • This is a list of all possible locations. The seven you must find are randomly picked from this list. And is different each player.
    land street

    Groddle Forest Balcam Stacks
    Follybottom Stritt
    Grimssea Bottom
    Hackfast Quicks

    Andra Firdaus Finds
    Murrukku Meander

    Besara Saker Mank
    Samak Shun

    Bortola Borem Summon
    Simpele Slip
    Uko Grips

    Chakra Phool Amerran Huddles
    Iljoki Ease
    Inari Deeps
    Jamsan Jag
    Jutuan Central
    Kiiminki Stretch
    Kitkaa Carom
    Lagan Lark
    Loimi Linger
    Paijanne Feign
    Perhoni Flim
    Ratin Jot Jog
    Siuruan Untold
    Tennio Spur

    Ilmenskie Deeps Arjun Plunge
    Churni Sanctum
    Dobak Fathom
    Gori Blear
    Malika Whim
    Megna Burrow
    Nandak Intention
    Punar Grotta
    Tharon Spelunk

    Kajuu Firabiz Flaunts

    Salatu Xacut Cross

    Ilmenskie Caverns Level 1 West
    Level 2 West

    Polokoo Quluuwaa Luwa
    MitMit Meets
    Kotteletti Kota
    Sambossa Bossa
    Kikal Kalzo
    Keywot Whot
    Yebeg Yobs
    Paodoo Lets

    Callopee Vekke Vets

    Kloro Morchella Lepiota
  • Thank you so much!
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