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We all know that the best part of Glitch was the community. We made amazing friends and saw a glimps of how our world could be if everyone could live in love the way we did while in Ur. My question is, what wa your favorite part of Ur? How did you leave your mark in this community?

I had a great group of friends that I would mine with all day some days in Timtim Timm. I loved that I was able to help others simply because I always had an abundance in chunks of sparkly and gems to sell simply because that was where we hung out.

I did use a lot of that to buy cubimals, philosopher dolls, yetis, etc. that I probably would have enjoyed more if I helped others with it. I plan on doing a lot more helping and a lot less collecting this time around.


  • It's really hard to narrow down a favorite for me. I loved gardening and cooking and mining (especially Ilmenskie Deeps). I loved wandering the landscape, and I loved spending time with friends somewhere. Or leaving them gifts at home.. like leaving cherries ALL OVER @Sirentist's house. Or joining the "Where's Bruce?" and other contests. I also adored cubimals and other little toys.

    And decorating! Decorating the tower, the house, whatever I could! I changed outfits every week or two or three. It was rare I went more than three weeks without mixing up a new outfit. Glitch was the only game where I didn't just pick a couple of outfits that I'd switch every year or two.

    I've always been one to do whatever struck my fancy at the moment, so I'll probably keep doing that, but I want to do so much more of everything I can, and maybe try to be more social with people I don't know so well and get over that anxiety.
  • I appreciated that if I got tired of mining, or resource collecting, I could craft things, garden, cook, travel to far away lands, climb, jump, swim or just be silly with my friends. I did discover towards the end of the game, that I really kind of like making furniture, and I especially loved making SDB's for my friends.
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    I think that's one of the best things about the game, too, @"Mer Maid"! There were just so many different things I could do, so if I wasn't in the mood for one thing, there was always something else.
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