Is this a replacement for "Children of Ur"?

I was curious if this is a replacement for "Children of Ur". There were like 2 or 3 players on there max and for a while now, there are none. Plus, it's so glitchy (he he) now that it just crawls and my mac feels like it's gonna explode from how hot it gets. Is there any way to get an invite for Alpha? Thanks. (Tawanda from Glitch)


  • This is not a replacement for CoU; both projects were started at about the same time - Eleven is working on re-creating the code used in Glitch with Flash; CoU was working on the transition to HTML5. Same starting resource base; different focus, so different code issues and bugs.

    I remember that CoU had "walk around and do stuff" figured out earlier; I wasn't directly involved and don't know how far they got in other areas, like leveling, quests, homestreets and towers, and so on. Eleven-alpha is fairly close to Glitch in functionality, although play runs into a lot of problems; people regularly get locked out of streets or stuck on auto-reload, and items break in unexpected ways.

    The devs are working on it, and will be offering wider access when they can manage that.
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