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  • Meet the Team

    OK, I have been very forgetful about posting here - sorry! We've given a few other team members a kick as well, so hopefully more will be along soon.

    I'm head of QA for the project, which means I have been helping to coordinate the effort to adjust every single quoin/rock/tree/shrine/street spirit and all those other wonderful items in the world of Ur! None of it would be possible without my fellow cohorts, Jark and Sumi, who have put in countless hours tracking down the locations of quoins and preparing data so that Ur will look as authentic as possible when we let you all back in. My other primary interest has been to practice using the street-building tool that Tiny Speck used to create new streets, as well as helping out with some of the web design, forum setup and community management. I have also been involved with the project since its inception, and it's been a real pleasure seeing this team come together as it has, for what I feel is an honorable goal.

    In real life, I am a Platform Operations specialist working for a sizable technology company, living in New England. For all that I adore technology, in the spare time I have (while not working on Eleven), I am a fiber and textile fanatic. I both knit and crochet, spin yarn on drop spindles and spinning wheels, and I also weave and sew. Quite opposing interests, but the tools I use for these things are their own fascinating technology, even if they are more primitive than remotely troubleshooting a sever in the Himalayas!

    Glitch has had a major role in my life for the short time I played; my life would be entirely different, had a lovely friend not asked me and some others to join her in this preposterous little world. Glitch came to me at a very trying time in my life, and I had more than one purportedly well-meaning person try to tell me that I was "wasting my time" playing a computer game, when I need to "face life". Pfft... While the loss of Glitch was heartbreaking, at a time when I'd already endured quite a lot of heartbreak, it has been undeniably a force of positive change for both my personal and professional life. The closure guided me towards a small group of very special Glitchen, which led me to a new job in a new city. I have new, and very dear, real life friends who are Glitchen and I've (virtually) met so many more amazing players that I never got to play with when the game was live...not to mention the Eleven team itself!

    Given my role in this project, the Eleven experience is *sure* to be different than my Glitch one (where I was pretty much an unknown!) but I am really looking forward to playing with all the new people I've met, and to help develop the world of Ur to new and unimaginable heights!
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  • Why can't I be an alpha tester?

    So? What's the big deal? I'd be great at it?

    I'm sure many of your are asking similar questions, and I don't blame you. We've all lost something that was important to all of us in different ways (or just really want to try it for the first time after hearing so much hype), and we want to get in and jump around.

    Well, there are a bunch of reasons why we're both keeping things so small and being so picky about who we're letting in.

    Group size:

    @aroha did a great job outlining some of the reasons we're keeping the group small, and most of them are technical in nature ( Aside from that, since we're working a bit more on stability and scalability (while rolling out some features that we've been working on getting working again), we don't have too much direction to give testers aside from, "Just play around in the game; try out as much as you can, travel as much as you can, just do it all". We've been monitoring how the server has been holding up to the stresses that the group we've allowed access to have been causing it, and expanding the group accordingly every time it seems we've gotten the server to behave a little better. So it's basically just a balancing act between trying to allow as many people in as possible so we can test how the server holds up and keeping the server from crashing so frequently that we need to concentrate more on keeping it up than on fixing things (this actually happened a few weeks ago, when we shut down in order to fix a couple of issues that were causing constant crashes and stuck players). Trust me, we want to get more people in as much as you want to get in.


    Basically, since the group is so small right now, we're trying to keep the group restricted to people that have earned our trust in one way or another. We want to make sure every person in our testing group is somebody that we know will be able to interact with ourselves and the other testers in as positive a manner as possible and work within the organized structure that we've set up to perform alpha duties well. And rest assured, even though most of you may feel you'd work well with this, we probably just haven't interacted with you enough to get a good feel for that. Don't worry, once the testing group gets a bit bigger, we'll start letting most anyone in.

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  • Meet the Team

    I was just thinking that some of you would like to learn a bit more about some of the people working on this project, such as what their role is and what the heck they do around here (amongst other things).

    I'll start!

    My name is Jim, but I go by Kaiyon around here, and I'm the "Chief Chicken Tamer" of the project. What does that mean, you might wonder? I do my best to help keep things organized and on a forward moving track. That means trying to get our team members tasks when they need them, or point them to the right place to find a task on their own and trying to put people in the position among the team where they'll be most effective. That means trying to get new people involved if/when it's needed and handling bringing aboard people with the right skills that find us. That means managing public relations (Facebook, Twitter, the blog and e-mail correspondence). I manage administrative things such as finance, fund raising (still internal only) and accounts for different services that we use. When I find time between those kinds of tasks, I'm coding or planning for the future of the project.

    On a more personal level, I'm a husband and father of 2 young children who's originally from near Buffalo, NY (go Bills!) but living in South Carolina these days. I've been in the software industry for over 7 years, more recently working as a senior developer/software architecture on projects ranging from enterprise .NET web applications to native mobile applications.

    I originally joined Glitch later on in the 1st Beta, around September of 2011, although I can't remember how I found it at the time, and played faithfully until the game shut down. My favorite things to do were collect/sell cubimals and build up my /home.

    I've been with the Eleven team from day one, having been brought in as one of the original administrators, and I have to say I'm incredibly proud to be part of such a talented and driven team. This project wouldn't be anywhere near as far along as it is today without the efforts of every single team member, some of which will be long to introduce themselves shortly.
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  • State of the Project v3.0

    New update posted to the blog!
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  • First Alphaversary Creativity Competition

    I made a bunch of Glitch stained glass.

    I did this one for a Secret Santa right when Glitch ended:

    I did the following cubimals as well. I still have the first two (rook and squid), but I sold the Ilmenskie Jones.
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  • First Alphaversary Creativity Competition

    Thanks for all the entries! We look forward to going through and picking out our favorites.

    Edit by ladyceres (12/22): we are working on picking the winners, fear not! The holidays seem to have approached us more quickly than anyone could have anticipated, so just bear with us as we all reach our holiday destinations and can get the winners added.
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  • Is there anything you wish the forum could do?

    We now have reaction buttons - please go forth and lobe/splank with abandon. There is no detriment to clicking any of the buttons (no subtraction of points).

    I can also add more reactions, if you think that would be fun.
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  • A Clean Slate?

    I know the idea of building back up to where you were seems terribly daunting, but just's been a couple of years since it closed, and even longer since you started. You get to fall in love with Ur all over again! I have had many moments since the project started up that I felt a rush of affection for things I didn't appreciate enough the first time around. I think once everyone is back in and doing their thing, it will be a joy, rather than a slog, to build yourself back up again.
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  • First Alphaversary Creativity Competition

    Back when Glitch was still around, which I cannot believe was three years ago now, I made a Scion of Purple cubimal.


    I love my Scion of Purple! He rides around in the backseat of my car these days, reminding me of other adventures I once went on in a world that was, well, a little bit preposterous. I hope some day to return!
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  • The chronicles of Alpha Testing

    For those chomping at the bit to get into the alpha server, think of it this way. Every month, the game gets a little more complete. It gets a little closer to being exactly the way Glitch was. The longer you wait to experience the game for yourself, the more impressive the game will be when you first play it. There is something to be said for a dramatic unveiling. When Eleven is all systems go, the moment you log in for the first time will be so much better than the first time for an alpha tester. It's like an Egyptian watching the pyramids being built brick by brick over many years versus a Roman visitor taking a boat down the Nile and seeing the pyramids loom from the shore in all their finished glory.
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