• Post here for a chance at an Alpha spot!

    The numbers have been drawn, and the seletees have been contacted!

    If your number didn't come up this time, we will continue to seed the Alpha with people who have posted in this thread. We will do this as often as possible!

    If you're not the sort who checks in on this forum regularly, make sure you have email notifications enabled for private messages. That will be the easiest way to make sure you're notified when you're added to the Alpha.

    ETA 10/28/16 - this is not the last chance anyone will have to get into the alpha. Our selections won't be exclusive to this list; it's just a tangible resource we will use when we need to fill up slots. :)
  • Post here for a chance at an Alpha spot!

    Like it says in the title - post here for a chance to win a spot in the Alpha. Only one entrance will be counted per person. This thread will remain open for approximately a week. My hope is to do the drawing next Monday evening (east coast US).

    See the blog for more details!
  • Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?

    So nothing but honey and roses or I'll be banned...ahhh so THAT's how a person gets in! If all the negative posts are gone then that means everything must be good and then good people are picked and everyone is happy about who is picked...sorry now I see how it works. *gets notebook out...takes note* pish posh
  • Is there a line one can stand in to become a tester?

    For all those that are tired of standing in line and waiting to be picked just because you are part of some 'click',( which it seems to me is what is happening here). I don't mind a random way in to a game by trying to grab keys or requesting them for a request into alpha...but I haven't seen this behavior before. That being said ChildrenofUr is not restricting anyone's entrance. They don't have housing yet but it is definitely glitchy! So come play glitch on ChildrenofUr.
  • Monetizing Eleven to be self supporting

    Hello Glitchery! I'm a diehard Glitch fan, can't wait for it to be available again. I'm also a video game designer, credited on AAA games. I'd like to help.

    I was thinking about how Glitch didn't make enough money to pay for everything last time, and I think this can be corrected in a way that won't drive us diehard fans crazy. The key will be "speeding it up." If you've ever played Elvenar, you'll know that they have diamonds, you buy them with real cash, and then you can use them to get special decorations for your village to add Culture points, OR to speed up things instead of waiting, such as building upgrades, etc.

    I think that's a key. Speed it up. The trick is to make sure it won't ruin the timed mini-missions, because strategy first; but combined with donations for the servers and maintenance crew, kickstarter and other social avenues, this game can not only come back to life, but can make enough money to stay that way!!

    I can write you a spec detailing the assets to control with speed options if you like.
  • Who's here?

    @bhikku Hi! :D
  • Possible new achievements for in Eleven

    A Farting badge!! Do not splank me I wouldnt!! hehehe.
  • Who's here?

    Aww, I'm a bit new here... :( I played a bit before it shut down, but it still left a Glitch sized hole in my blackened heart!
  • Word Association Game

    *Explanatory edit*
    When I entered the word below, the last post was SnowFlake's "later." I see great minds think alike (*waves to The Cat Face). I have no idea why mine took so long to show up and appear hopelessly out of date.
  • Food-related usernames?

    Does Bannoffee Pie count?